The flow is an ambivalent symbol between ephemeral and constant, violent or relaxing. Geometrically speaking, it is mostly turbulent and chaotic. There is another way where flows are regular and laminar, parallel and reversible. The tree’s sap and our own blood are flowing with this laminar regime. With soap films (2D bubbles) as medium, this project is a flow's language exploration.

Made at the BioArt Laboratory
Pictures by Maurits Van Ravesteijn
Presented at the Dutch Design Week (DDW) 2016

The soap films are refilled from the top and flow like waterfalls. With a good control, all the hydrodynamic is visible. From the chaotic motion to the regular, the Boundary condition, etc. This is the flow's language reveals for you.
The light is interacting with the soap films to create colorful dynamic paintings.
Both surfaces of the films are reflecting the light. When the light radiation came out of the film they are overlapping of the two reflexions. For each colors, the overlapping are different because the wavelengths are not the same. The extremes case are phase and opposite phase overlapping. The first one amplifies the wave (green wave above: constructive interference) and the second annihilates it (red wave above: destructive interference). In this case, this thickness of the soap film is not giving red color to reflect. All the colors see on bubbles and soap films are depending on the thickness. The flows are observable with this effect.
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