I started sculpture when I was 14 years old. Initially, I didn’t get the words to explain it but it fed something deep in me: material interaction. My life is all around that; it’s about my own equilibrium.
Some people go to religion, others to science. Behind that, there is an idea about touching the infinite and the divine. From our limited being, this is one the greatest human’s mind feed: the finite tries to perceive and apprehend the infinite.
The epic of Gilgamesh, writes in cuneiform 4000 years ago, was talking about that already. A man, king of Uruk, discovers the death and decides to become immortal. After numerous adventures, he realized what its limitation gives him a deep sensitivity about the instant and the accomplishment of the building of a life. From the science viewpoint, astrophysics tries to see further and further in time and space. Particles physics search the foundation of the matter. Despite this, we need to keep in mind we are also a part of the infinite (Simorg, king of the birds).
My quest starts with this great question of the human kind. I search the infinite and the transcendental with the contemplation and the apprehension of the materials language. The road is more important than the destination: the omniscience is not human. Odin snatched one of his own eyes to exchange it with the knowledge tree.
If we take the wave–particle duality, it says matter and light are two sides of a unique and bigger thing. Matter and light are two infinite included in another infinite…
All the human’s cultures develop their interpretation of the universe and everything beyond us. That gave animists, religion, art, alchemy, sciences… All those disciplines created by humans keep our finite nature. It’s like solving an infinite puzzle with a limited number of pieces. I pick pieces everywhere I can to continue the puzzle of the matter.
What people call “Arts & Sciences” can be generalized. The biggest viewpoint is obtained with all the knowledge. If matter and light are just part of something bigger. Every human discipline are also parts of something bigger.
While I write those lines, I look at a soap film. It is born, lives, makes some volutes and flow to finally break and dies. The crystals I germinate grow like plants. When I sculpted stones, it was a meeting ; the rock has a long lifetime. We meet, interact and go on our own way. The stone return to its life and me to mine. The sculpture is finite and a part of this world, like me.
Sometime, I am a material explorer and other times I am its servant. This is my quest.

From an architect family, I draw since I born. Very young I started painting. Those two artistic mediums were frustrating for me. At 14 years old, I discovered the sculpture and everything change.
During the same time, at school, the teachers oppressed me: I have a very high dyslexia and dysorthographia. I was considered as a mentally retarded children (from 6 to 20 years old… thanks to the French national education).
With all that, I discover the weed and my first sculpting period was "tools" for smoking. With weeds, you don’t care about sadistic teachers…
Despite that, I finished high school. When I started at the university, I chose to stop smoking for studying. With many foreigners, the professors didn’t care about how I wrote. It was a very nice period for me. I learned Chemistry and Physics of the materials. It is like sinking dip in the great book of nature.
With the writing of my thesis, I proved to myself what teachers said is wrong. All this experience gave me a very high degree of determination.
After that, I wrote three projects to combine art, sciences, technologies and my spiritual research (“D3 printed microfluidic”, “Opto-Macro-Crystals” and “Chipless microfluidic”).  The BioArt Laboratory accepted me as a volunteer researcher. I started to work on my soap films (2D bubbles). It’s a combination of my optic and flowing knowledge that is used to translate hydrodynamic. During a performance, I discovered an unknown physical phenomenon: soap films can produce sound under certain conditions. Science feed art and art feed science.
Currently, I have a postdoc position where I use my sculpting skills (molding, casting, etc.). On the art side, I grow crystals between polarizer (optical component). Everything is converging to the matter.

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