Different droplets generators for microfluidics.
a                                 T jonction
b     Co-flow dropplet generator
c                          Flow-focusing
d                             Terrace-like
Schematic representation of a millifluidic assembly to generate size calibrated droplets with a sol-gel reaction. At the end of the channel, all droplets became porous particles.
Co-flow droplet generator for a two components chemical reaction (orange and white solutions are miscible). The axis of the bleu channel is not respect for preventing the flow rate variation around the droplets.
Flow cycling inside a droplet flowing in a microfluidic channel. This is an important mixing mechanism in microfluidic.
Flow rate variation inside a microfluidic channel. The droplet (orange) doesn’t felt all the flow rate field (in yellow). Du to that, this droplet has a different rate than the external liquid average speed.
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