From several years, I'm exploring the nature of the light.
It's giving a reversal of the color expression compare to the art history. From millenary, most of the artist's palette work with light absorbtion (pigment, dye, ink,etc.). Mine is using refraction (prism), interferometry (soap film) and now : polarization and birefringence to separet the colors from the light.
This is the first part of my projet "Polarized". here, it is based on crystals I grow during more than four mouths. During this periode, I move them to change the way there grow (temperature, vibrations, humidity, etc.).
During the middle age, cristal growing was one of the first alchemy teaching. The growing is totally dependent of the condition. it's could be applied to everything, the matter as the living. It was one of the elementary step of the material's empathy.
Crystals on Dibond panel
Picture from Jean-Christophe Garcia
This stained glass is a commissioning of the Bordeaux's Museum of Decorative Arts and Design (MADD). Crystals grow during the exhibition "Ho couleurs !".

I start the project with this art work : the research/production timing was reverse here.
Polarizer on light
spining polarizer on my crystals panel ( 19,5x27,5 inches, 50x70cm)
This is what I use for my macro photographies.
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